Langkawi island hopping with AB motel~

Tis is my second tour for island hopping in Langkawi and I chose AB motel once again! AB motel offered the cheapest price for island hopping at the rate of RM25 per pax for a 4 hour trip, which included Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar for eagle watching, and last but not least Pulau Beras Basah for water activities and beautiful beach moment. Here, I will divide my trip post into 2 parts ( too many photos to share hehe), and this is the last series of photos captured with my Canon Ixus 138 T..T 

So we made our reservation for island hopping on the first day in Pulau Langkawi in Pantai Cenang. It is easily recognisable with the board of " AB Motel", which is not far away from Underwaterworld Langkawi and shopping mall there in case you missed it like me =..= 
We booked the trip for the next day morning ( they have island hopping trip daily, morning and evening. I tried the evening one last time so I would like to go for morning session this time hehe). We got the local price at RM25, and they charged foreigner at RM30. So in case of this, hehe just give your typical Malaysian accent to prove you are a Malaysian Xp

We also took their shuttle service to ease us. It is free of charge! We just inform them the name of our hotel and they will pick us up at 9am. We stayed in Langkawi Green Resort, and we board on the shuttle bus at Sun Bistro, quite punctual in fact hehe. The shuttle van was quite old but still functioning well ( I guess so? haha). It took us about 10 minutes ride from Pantai Tengah to jetty near Awana Resort. 

The view of the jetty. Of course, quite dirty if compared to beaches in Langkawi, since it is just a jetty
there is quite a few numbers of company which offer the same rate as AB motel for island hopping, and yes, all the boats in this pic, were going for island hopping ( included private tour) 

a closer view with the boats
we board on the boat from the beach. For those who wear beautiful shoes may cry for this because our feet were wet as we needed to walk in the water before we board on haha. 

So we started our journey at 9.30am. Say bye to the jetty ^^ 
our captain was a young Malay guy, and I would like to say he really drive the boat recklessly =..= Yes it is adventurous but I don really wanna risk my life for it although I had put on the life jacket. as compared to my last journey, the captain was a pak cik and he really emphasise on the safety on the boat. 

The view of Awana Porto Malai
This is one of the best spot for sunset in Pulau Langkawi with the rainbow corridor. But we don have the chance to visit it due to our packed schedule. 

Look at the water, it is not crystal clear but 碧绿色 

I love the colour of the sea here so much. Instead of crystal clear or blue it is aquamarine in colour. Such a nice combination with the cliff aside
and we love the sea breeze so much haha, it is so refreshing, especially when we sat on the front row without any obstacles hehe. 

more beautiful pictures of the sea
Actually the captain stopped at a spot to view for the shape of the island, which looks like a pregnant woman with a head, neck and big tummy ( this is how the island got its name, Lake of Pregnant Maiden). too bad I did not really get a good spot for the pic, but based on imagination it really looks like a pregnant lady!

after about 20 minutes ride on the sea, we reached our first destination of the day~ lake of Pregnant Maiden. There is a beautiful legend behind the name of this beautiful place, the local believes that woman who suffers from infertility can get pregnant after consume water in the lake. Believe it or not? haha

we had an hour time on the island, well it was not enough to me honestly, because I need more time to explore the beauty of this island. Captain will make head count before and after the drop off. 

And we were greeted by this big fellow~ hello biawak!! ( monitor lizard in Malay)
there is also small crabs and unique creature we can spot over here

say HI to Lake of Pregnant Maiden
wore my new singlet from Malacca Jonker Street ( RM 12) and hot pants from Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok ( 50 baht = RM 5 )

The view of the lake on the right. 
We can rent the boat ( with solar) at price of RM50 if nt mistaken, but we did not hehe. 

Over the left side is the floating platform so people can swim in the lake, ok, diving haha
There is a safety rope so people would not gone too far away during swimming because the lake is as deep as 10m! another unique part about this island is the lake is actually a fresh water lake surrounded by the sea, yes this island is in the middle of the sea. 

Olivia was the model of the day for me and Gracie. 
the background is just too gorgeous isnt it?

Our selfie together~ 
my camera was overexposed =..=

just enjoy the peace on the island. 
there is actually a jungle trekking lane on the island, but we just had not enuf time to explore it. 

The platform was getting crowded with visitors who cant wait to get themselves into the water. And i just sat there and watched some of the bikini girls pweeiiit Xp

spotted some boat on the lake? 

don be too sad if you cant swim like me, we had some other activities here hehe
thought it just a simple " feet soaking session?" neh you are wrong!! Let's have a closer look

it is actually a fish spa session!! just soaked our feet in the water and the fish will swim over haha. felt quite geli at first but it was really a special experience
of coz, I have a good foot hygiene. I have no idea how the guy can attract so many fish at one time =..= 

my elephant legs =..= with a bruise spot on my right knee ( I went for trampoline on the day before departure to Langkawi with him and this is the souvenir I got) 
the water is quite crystal clear, and it is so cool and refreshing. when the fish passed through my legs, it was so itchy actually haha. Olivia could not resist it and run away Xpp 

Monkey with the water
There is a lot of monkey on the island so beware of it. But they were harmless most of the time, just DO NOT offer them any food. 

Gracie even shake hand with the monkey, it just sat quietly and looked into camera. Both of them are so photogenic! 
( before it get irritated becoz there was a visitor who was brainless to throw something towards it) 

The staircase towards the jetty. 

boats waiting for the passenger from different company. 

The jetty of the lake of Pregnant Maiden. 
We board on the boat from the jetty instead of walking cross the water like what we did on the beach. 

another piece of aquamarine sea water~ 
this is the reason y i love nature, every colour give a different feeling. 

and we departed to our second destination in island hopping package~ 
eagle feeding session in Pulau Singa Besar
will update it soon in the next blog post ^^ 

thanks for reading and have a nice day to everyone, and prepare yourself to welcome the arrival of 2015 ^^ 

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