A Sunset Date with Pulau Langkawi Pantai Tengah

Yes I went to Langkawi again, just few weeks ago after my O&G exam haha. Give myself a break before I proceed to the hell of posting~ Paediatric! Same as previously, I stayed at Pantai Tengah, just a t-junction away from Pantai Cenang, which is more quite and less crowded than Pantai Cenang. These beaches are definitely one of the best spot to have the sunset view over Pulau Langkawi and we definitely enjoyed ourselves sooo much over here! 

This time, we stayed at Green Village Langkawi Resort, basically we love our stay here becoz it was just 10 minutes walk away from the beach. Actually at first I tot it was just beside the beach, honestly I felt a bit cheated by AGODA which mistaken ppl that the beach just few steps away from the resort while in fact we need to cross the road to get there. Will have more introduction about the resort later then. 

This time, my travel partner is my fren Gracie and our junior Olivia, a fresh combination ya haha. 
We took picture on the road in Pantai Tengah, seriously this road had no traffic at all when we took the picture, should have one lying on the road i think haha. 

enjoy the relaxing mood on the road with lines of Pokok Ru. 
I don really like to stay in Pantai Cenang becoz it is too noisy and crowded at night with all the bars, restaurants and bistro. Pantai Tengah is just nice for a relaxing vacation over here. 

We reached Pantai Tengah in 15 mins time around 6.30pm. Just nice in time to catch some sunset. 
The sandy beach was not really white and fine, but it is clean enuf to spend some time over here. And I would say the sunset was really breathtaking. I took all these picture just via my 5-year-old canon ixus 135 compact camera and the effect was good! 
anyway, RIP my camera T..T 

there is some para sailing activities on the beach, run by few different company. 
AB motel offered parasailing at a price of RM50 for a 3km journey about 10-15 minutes time at Pantai Cenang. 
Here we got the offer on RM60 per person for a 10-15 mins ride. Actually.... they offered us at RM120 at first ( they tot that we were foreigner), until we spoke fluently in Malay in a very Malaysian accent ( LOL) then they offered us another price. This explains why some foreigners complaint that they kena 'pancung harga' over here.  

The boat waiting for the customers for parasailing. They are using speed boat to drag the para sailing. and there will be a instructor on the sky together with the player. But is it safe? so far there is no accidents reported yet, but play on ur own risk.  

first, let us had a selfie together before we enjoyed our beach day ^^ 
from the left: olivia, gracie, celine ( me) 

olivia try to catch the para-sailing in the sunset. 

the white house on the beach. 
typical tropical beach style with coconut. 

the day is getting darker and the sunset is getting more and more fascinating. 

the para-sailing is ready~ guess which of us took the challenge on para-sailing? 

the look when landing of para-sailing. 

deng deng deng!! gracie is the first and the only challenger for it!
initially both of us got the thought to have the para-sailing too, but gracie did not get a good start off and good landing.... n hence, we did not dare to try for it haha.
for me im ok since I had my first para-sailing when i was 12 in Pattaya before le, it was indeed a wonderful experience with a breathtaking view from aerial!  

the crowd on the beach. 

after gracie landed, we went to another side of Pantai Tengah which is more quiet and we spotted the crabbie in the hole on the beach!! Hi crab haha

Have a great time!

hug the last moment of the sunset

not to forget to do some jumping shoot ^^ 

walking into the beach, well gracie you look like you r going for a suicide lol

Quiet and relaxing Pantai Tengah beach

Some sampat pose together with gracie~

and here I end my first day in Langkawi happily with the beauty of sunset in Pantai Tengah. 

Some suggestion of the best spot to have a sunset view in Pulau Langkawi: 
  1. Pantai Cenang
  2. Pantai Tengah
  3. Dataran Lang
  4. Tanjung Rhu - if you are lucky enuf to meet the low tide, you may actually walk across from the beach to one of the island nearby. I visited Langkawi about 4 times, but I went there only once =..= 
  5. Gunung Machinchang - one of the highest spot in Langkawi, accessible via cable car, had the best spot to enjoy the sunset view of Andaman Sea. 
check out more of my Langkawi trip!! 

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