A Beauty Date with Premier Clinic~ Carbon Laser, Chemical Skin Peeling and LED Light Photomodulation

it has been a long long time since my last english blog post Xp So, my skin problem had haunted me a lot since my secondary school age, sad to say, it did improved in between but all the problems exploded once I stressed up ( and make me more stressful). I mean, which girl dont wish to be beauty? I have been looking up and down for several solution, and even went for facial treatment. Ya forgot to say, my skin is the most horrible type~ the combined oily and sensitive skin!
this skin type was totally a nightmare to girls I guess. Acne is one of the big issues, imagine u have such a oily skin after 3 hours of cleansing, and once heated up my face will turn red congested as if I just had bee sting ( T..T). not to mention during make up, the T zone area was really irritative. So, I received an invitation from Premier Clinic for a aesthetic session, after I googled it up I found quit a good number of reviews which convince me more to take the offer. I mean, there is no harm to give a try right? 

warm welcome from the team of Bangsar branch of Premier Clinic. I like the environment, bright and comfortable. 
PS: watchout for the heavy traffic at Jalan Telawi 

some products and introduction of services available in Premier Clinic. 
they offered quite a wide range of service from non surgical aesthetic treatment to laser service, such as fat and weight loss, active acne and acne scar, pigmentation, pores and texture, wrinkle, hair loss, tattoo removal and much more. check it out the link below for more service available!

waiting area before the session start. just sit down and relax

some recommended products from Premier Clinic~ 

after a few minutes of waiting, I was then guided to a room to wait for the consultation session from Dr Kee Yong Seng. 

the room was so comfortable and I really love the classic design of the room. sofa, pillows carpet, dimmed light, create a relaxing environment to reduce the anxiety before the treatment start ( of coz will scare a bit d ma haha) 
and I would like to say the staff in Premier Clinic was so caring enough to adjust the aircon temperature as the room was getting colder. thumbs up!!

while waiting for my turn, there is a television in the room, playing the videos regarding the introduction of the services available in the clinic. I personally think that these videos did bring me some benefits, at least have a rough guide of the procedures and services offered in the clinic. 
Premier Clinic has 4 experienced doctors serving in 2 different branch ( TTDI branch and Bangsar branch), I was assigned with Dr Kee, the other doctors are Dr Aarthi Maria, Dr Elaine Chong and Dr Chen Tai Ho.

after another few minutes of waiting, then I was guided to the consultation room. Dr Kee was very humour and friendly, had some warm opening for the conversation before goes into the consultation session. Since my face is the biggest concern ( actually I wanna reduce tummy, and my hair fall was suck, but I cant be so greedy right), so Dr Kee explained to me in the details of my skin condition and gimme some advices. 
since my skin allergies was quite bad ( really bad =..=, I thought I was having folliculitis in fact), so Dr Kee recommended me to have a session of carbon laser, chemical skin peel and LED light photomodulation. after explaining the procedures and the possible side effects of the treatment, let's get started

thanks to Premier Clinic for the photos~

wore a shower cap for protective measure, and photos were taken before and after
this was my bared face, and as you can see I had big pores on my face ( strawberry nose T..T), dull skin, and multiple acne marks around my hair line. and it get oily very easily.....
usually i don apply make up on my face becoz the next day, drama will come X...x

after a basic cleansing, the nurse applied the numbing cream on my face to reduce discomfort or tingling sensation for the next step.
this is very important!! it took around 10-15 minutes for the numbing cream to work

1. Carbon Laser
so what is meant by carbon laser? carbon laser is an innovative laser resurfacing treatment that utilises laser beam to treat the imperfections on the skin and to improve the radiance of skin. 

so before the treatment start, the nurse applied a thin layer of carbon on my face
then, wait for about 5-10 minutes before the next step begin

then, a focused laser beam was aimed at the skin and some 'sparkling sound' can be heard during the procedure.
just calm down
the dark shade of the carbon particles helps to absorb the laser beam before a vacuum lightly removes these particles via suction, and removed the damaged upper layer of skin as well. 

this will generate thermal energy within the skin, and promote growth of connective tissue and skin will be exfoliated by the carbon particles, giving a good pore cleansing. 

well, does it hurt?
instead of pain i would say it is just pricking sensation on the skin, not really a discomfort so no worries on that ( this is why numbing cream is important at the first place!) 
Dr Kee and the nurse will always make sure that I did not experience any discomfort, so I can just relax and enjoy the session. 

2. Chemical Skin Peeling
after a few minutes of 'face resting', then we proceed to the second step, the chemical skin peeling with Mandelic acid. 
mandelic acid is a aromatic alpha hydroxy acid, which serves as antibacterial in urinary tract infection and oral antibiotic, and a component of 'chemical face peel". in short, just peel of the dead skin on our face and reveal a fresh and smooth layer of skin. 
do inform doctor in case of any allergic to medication!

I was advised that the skin might experience some kind of burning sensation, so the nurse used the fan to cool down my face ( i looks like im suffering in this pic, but in fact I was talking to the doctor haha) 
Lucky me, I did not have any discomfort or any tingling ( well maybe my face is really thick enough LOL), and i did enjoyed it. I was told that quite a amount of dead skin was peeled off on my face. 

kind reminder: no scrubbing facial for the next one week
and most individuals will be recommended for a cycle of 2-4 peels to have a optimal result. 

3. LED Light Photomodulation
so, this procedure sounds fancy but what is it? 
It is a light therapy that  catalyses cellular functions in the body which speeds up healing and rejuvenation of the skin. The light is powerful enough to penetrate deep into the area required, and is capable of treating several conditions simultaneously. it increases the production of elastin and collagen in skin, stimulates the regeneration of skin and hence result in a reduction of acne and acne scarring. 

my eyes were protected with eye cover throughout the session. and from the photo I realised how close the light was to my face haha. I did feel the heat but it did not bring any burning sensation.
so, it looks like a photosynthesis process isnt it? 

after almost an hour and 30 minutes session, finally it is done!! the nurse applied a layer of toner, moisturiser and sunscreen on my face, and I cant wait to see the result

so this is the result immediately after the treatment
just minimal redness on my skin and I was surprised that my pores were not that obvious! my face still look coarse though but I was told that this was normal 

thanks to Dr Kee for the awesome service!! 
And the staff from the clinic was so nice to make sure Im okay after the treatment the next day ( so sweet!) . good service after all. 
BTW anything to look out for after the treatment? just avoid from sun exposure and make sure toner, moisturiser and sunscreen are applied for at least one week, as our skin may dry easily after the skin peeling. 

for the price of the treatment service, please refer to the link below =))

on my way back to Serdang ( no filter) 
here the redness started to fade and my skin. and my skin looked much healthier than before ( at least it did not look so dull) 
Am I happy with the treatment? Yes I am

is this temporary effect or permanent? 
well i would not said that the effect is just temporary, is neither permanent. In fact, few cycles of treatment might be needed for a better result. But I would like to say my skin condition improved especially the annoying pores on my face. 

so this is how I look like after a hiking day together with my friends. 
I just applied some sunscreen to protect my face, and I am happy that my face wasnt that sensitive as it was before. although my face still looks oily somehow but it was no that discomfort as before ( previously I need to wash my face with clean water for multiple times, but now I could just tap them away with wet tissues) 

Premier Clinic
TTDI: 31 Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 WP Kuala Lumpur.
Bangsar:  40, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 WP Kuala Lumpur.

opening hours: Mon 2 – 7pm. Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 7pm.  
Closed: Sunday / Public Holiday.
Enquiry/ Appointment Booking Phone No.: +6012 -662 5552 (mobile number contactable 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm)
Email: contactus@premier-clinic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/premier.aesthetic

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  9. Wow.. Nicer skin after that treatment.. I find it amazing and won't mind and checking it out ...

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