Halloween Party in Sunway Lagoon~Nights of Fright

What've just happened? Where am I? I'm so scared! Why is this place so gloomy? 

Looking for an interesting place to enjoy your Halloween this year? If you are a big fans of horror movie, or you enjoy being frightened ( probably not, I guess), then you should not miss the festival of fear at Sunway Lagoon this year, with the theme "Nights of Fright"! Starting from 2nd -31st October 2015, every Thursday to Saturday night, the once a happy amusement park will turn into a spooky haunted park. All kinds of supernatural stuffs that you can name it, u can find it there. They will be wandering around in the park to welcome the your presence. 

After we had redeemed our entrance tickets, we then took a picture with the spooky staff at the entrance. Haha...... The staff will check our bags before we entered the park, as usual. No food and beverage is allowed =))
The ticket price is RM 58 per pax.
 if you get the flyer, you can enjoy the discount at RM40 per adult. Just a kindly reminder, this park is strictly for 12 years old and above. 

Once we had entered the park, we were at the Carnival of Chaos, the main stage for the event. 
Ghost bride were waiting for us!!!

*Some information regarding the Nights of Fright here:
Nights of Fright 3 is Malaysia’s premier fright festival and it returns for the third year, with more nights and more frights!. With 15 nights this coming October, guests can expect new mazes and scare attractions to scare their wits out at the Amusement Park in Sunway Lagoon. - from Nights of Fright official website.

Are you Blood-thirsty? such a scary zombie

Come, let's have a seat together
all the pumpkins o' lanterns around looks so tenebrous 

walking along the Pirate jack, there were a lot more who hid around corner of the darkness patiently waiting for our arrival to scare the hell out of us. 

The are 6 areas in total namely the terrortory-X, carnival of chaos, death port, Pirate Jack's Lockers O'Lanterns, Sadako Dori and Blood Alley, so are you up for some adventures?

Sadaka Dori~ the Japanese ghost area. With all the red lanterns, it really gave me goosebump.

The Japanese Slit-mouth woman stop us in front of the toilet, give me a big fright until i got goosebump!

Sadako climbimg out from the laneway instead of TV, be alert all the time while walking down the street ya

The first ghost house that we entered: the Horrorwood Studios
it was actually the scream park of the sunway lagoon Xp Although I have entered it before, but still, it was so scary that I screamed all-time throughout the journey whenever the "ghost" or "zombie" ran out from no where and bang the wall. *He laughed at me without a sense of sympathy =..= how cruel is he, 

one of the laneway in the horrorwood studios. the mist just made the atmosphere even more mysterious. I was initially planning to take some pictures but it was a mission impossible becoz I was too occupied screaming around. Luckily I didnt cry it out loud haha

we walked back to the main stage and enjoyed some performance~
I would say this is a successful one becoz all the make up are so real! Not to mention 'disgusting' 

Do you want to have a ride in the Merry Go Round with the 'deceased'?

The ghost bride with an axe just stopped us from our way. 
they are haunting people all the time, we cant run away from them, they are everywhere! HELP!!

one of my favorite is the Escape Pudu 2. This was a place that should not be missed out by anyone who visited here.
I love the concept here, it is like a maze inside, by using the strobe light effect, it gave us some illusion that someone was approaching us from the far ,in fact that 'creature' was actually a static one. It was like a prison inside, just be mentally prepared that while you are distracted by the "approaching creature" some others would attack you from the side. But don worry, they just intend to frighten people, do no harm. 
the truth is, I was almost blind after I left maze becoz of the flashes. 

can you spot something in the blood alley? 
it looks so creepy

the chinese dolls with long nails

another ghost house that was so interesting becoz instead of enclosed indoor space, this was a outdoor ghost house in the open space. we were told to hold on a rope, walk in a line of 10 people before we entered ( great trick to create the scary atmosphere ya) and we were told that that was an emergency evacuation of zombie attack due to infection in the area. It gave me a thought of  "maze runner". Beware of the jigsaw in the ghost house!! Run for your life before he kill you! 

He acted like he is the Egyptian shaman trying to make the mummies alive again 

a walking dead on the road. 

" The mummy's revenge" just located opposite the Toxic but we did not entered. I was enough of ghost house that day =..= yea you may call me a coward but I just don't care. Summore it is a ghost house with 3D effect. Did I ever mentioned that I just hate the 3D effect which make me nauseated all the time?

Enough of ghost house, we went for a ride in Colorado Splash. We took the ride from about 4 level height and it was so exciting and fun! Don worry about the bags or clothes, they did not get wet here hehe. Too bad the grand canyon river rapids was closed on the day. I prefer to take rides than ghost house, and this is the another way for him haha. 

more and more character on the road~

passed by the food stalls, and it is so " Halloween" feel as well!
we went into the Kevil Hill for a movie theatre. To me that was quite disappointing ( the only not frightening section in the park i guess) becoz it was just a movie on screen, with all the scream around. ya... that was muc scarier than the movie

with the jokers at the Death Port~
plz don hang me here! 

Before we end our journey, we went for the roller coaster ride along the Pirate Jack;s Locker O'lanterns. It took us around 30 minuts for the queue.I love the ride muaha

the ticket for the nights of fright, I love the design it looks so attracting

In a nutshell, I think this is a successful event, do come if you want to get the same excitement like I do!! 

When will Nights of Fright 3 be open to the public?
2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th 10th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29th 30th and 31st October 2015 from 7.30pm till 11.30pm.

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  1. 整个Sunway Lagoon变成鬼乐园了~

    1. 不错嘛, 白天是天堂, 晚上变个样成了鬼乐园哈哈

  2. 我不敢去鬼屋,看看就好

    1. 其实我也不敢的, 所以我去3个后就投降了。

  3. 真的挺吓人的呢!! 不过你和"鬼"玩得好enjoy!! 哈哈!

    1. 不时会有鬼怪从身边跑出来, 还真的吓死人咯。他们的妆容真的很棒很逼真, 当然要玩得 enjoy 啦