finally, freedom!!

well, wat i share today is snsd dance prac before they come back. if im nt wrong tis is shot by 4 jun. i like tis version more than the mv, tis version is rock n im addicted to it. i wonder y sm dowan tis version? if tis version snsd sure can achieve 10 week champion. however, tis versio is a bit fast n it will be very difficult if u sing live n dance along. as a sone, yaya, snsd is more important. tae yeon hv sent to hospital last month..... T-T, cry at once. tae teon a, take care take care.. and another good news is, sitll remember tvsq u-know de new drama? yes, the ost is sing by tae yeon n sunny, the another is sing by snsd, a o my god tae yeon is gougeous. n wawawa i like her voice so much. my wallpaper, beautiful right?

n good news is, thanks to those pig, v already free today. but don so happy yet, mm nt yet finish. hv to suffer for the whole raya. actually for me, is doesnt matter at all if tomoro is nt a holiday nt my business. All i concern is my result, kanasai, wat the hell is chinese><.lansung nt understand. n the sejarah, sorry i writ a lot of pig a, stupid on the paper.

MAlays really thought they bring the victory to europe. actually, pig cannot lead ppl, pig is for chinese to eat, ok??walao e, sorry if im too radikal. cannot stand those pig!!!!

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