all about so nyuh

ya, tis time is sonyuh again, yayaya dont punch me. i know maybe u will tired. but i will never tired about so nyuh just because i love them. Love so nyuh forever/ tat shit beg, i oso dunno wat lai de. wat do u think tat u hv the potential to win ha? wat shit la you. genie is the best song i ever heard. so nyuh shi dae is the best group i ever loved. Maybe u will curious. i am a gal n i like gal group? Wats wrong?

so nyuh so nyuh! keep on ging for another new album on december. im waiting for it. n also tae yeon single album. ahhhh, sure buy!!!

2ne1 are just like a piece of shit v stupid hair, so nyuh is fighting and rock all around!

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