Well, tis is one of the clip in korea mkmf 2007, called dance battle. the winner tat year is wonder girls, who singing Irony. and my favorite so nyuh shi dae, 9 peolpe de singing Into A New World. KARA, the old one, i like them also, they r great but wat a regret tat chueng hee hav to withdraw herself because of her study. the las is black pearl, actually i dont know them very well…

the 1st come out is KARA with their Song "break out", follow by blackpearl, my beloved SNSD n Wonder girl( i dont like WG). the man sitting at the centre in the show is Kim BUn金范啦,苏易正in the korean flower boy. the last one solo dance with cloth is snsd dancing queen Hyo Yeon unnie!! she is powerful n great.

well, the left is hyo yeon n the right is yuri, another jazz dancer who is also talented.any way i love both of them.. i like the most is of coz their leader Tae Yeoon and the youngest Seo hyun. she can play piano n dance ballet in a great way.

some one may ask me, y im so crazy of them? the reason is very simple, they great of the most.... u never c them sing so u dont know how great them r. once u hear their hit song Gee, you will definitely like them, tats is y i rather use my word to express my admire. They r as young as us, tae yeon the eldest only celebrate her 20 birthday in march 2009. seo hyun only 18. the follwing is their live v " into a new world" in their 1st album.. MUST WATCH i tell you

they r great right?

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